Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Spoon Full of Sugar

 The challenge on A Spoonful of Sugar is to use lace on your card. This paper is BG Boxer , and the image is another gorjuss girl.  Sentiment and card stock are SU.

 Its a horrible weekend here, (hail at the moment, and Abbie is getting nervous so maybe there is thunder on the way)  but Queens Birthday weekend usually is, winter officially starts for us now.  Poor hairies have been stuck inside  all day again. Riley and Patrick are busy teasing each other.  I've had a clean out of my craft room, cleared some old books of Gav's out...more room for STUFF!!!

 Tracy came around this morning with Bailee.   Abbie , Vinnie and Riley all showed Bailee their repertoire of tricks to get some treats. Abbie shakes a paw, Vinnie dances on his hind legs and takes a bow , and Riley spins like an idiot, left and right , over and over and over and over.....! Trace...your girls need a dog!  

Friday, May 29, 2009

Gorjuss Brat!

Gorjuss Girls!!

Finally got a chance to play today!  Have had a busy week with one thing and another and this is the first time I have had my new gorjuss girls inked up.  This card is for the Sugar Bowl challenge this week.  The papers are BG , cardstock is SU.Haven't had a chance to get to a zillion other challenges I had planned on doing...still we have a long weekend and the weather forecast doesn't sound good.....

  Riley had his first night of training with the main group. The little s..t was so naughty, kept running off to check everything out.  I spose it was a new bunch of people and dogs, but still...!!!! Trace, he's another step closer to being mailed to you, tho you probably don't want him now you have your own cute wee fluff ball!

 The boys went to bed with Dad the other night , while I was still busy with other stuff, and look who snuggled into my spot! Vinnie only snuggles in when I'm there!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


 Had the challenge of doing a SU only scrapbooking page....never done one before and had to throw it together in a hurry ( thanks Tracy!!!) . Love the papers, from the new designer paper range. Then of course had to find some photos to go on it. Pat the Cat's turn this time. Of course some of the  embellies are not SU...but nobody's perfect!

 Now I've finished my quilt I've got to crochet 20 flowers for a scrapbooking class... gee I wish I had ten thumbs sometimes, then I wouldn't get these jobs!LOL!

 Had to laugh the other night, rang Denise and she wasn't home. Next thing I know theres a knock on the door and there she is on my doorstep ( in pyjamas & dressing gown!!LOL) with a bag of cheese for me.  At least is was dark and no-one could see her...I hope!  Ta Denise, very yummy selection.


Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, we've been for a walk, the rain held off for us, tho Riley still needed a towel dry, he likes to dive thru long wet grass!! His wet fringe flopped right over, I've had to trim it so he can see. 

 The quilt is finished tho it needs a final tidy up, threads & fluff etc. Very proud of it, for 11-12 hours work! I'll be avoiding pins for a while, don't know how many times I stabbed myself!  Now, just gotta keep the cat off it....he likes fluff and fabric as well as paper and plastic! Speaking of fluff, Riley might be a problem too, he likes to unstuff toys...he might try to unstuff the quilt! Guess it'll have to go where they can't get at it unsupervised!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bored Babies

My poor furkids are bored. They've been stuck inside all day except for pee trips outside. (Well its cold & wet and windy!!) I've been finishing off my rag quilt, started  Fri night with Marise and a few others. What a night that was.  Got there at 6pm, left about 1am !!! I gave up before midnight, too tired, making mistakes, sore back.... but Marise kept motoring on!  Anyway, finished it this afternoon, clipped, washed, and its in the dryer fluffing up now.  And I haven't got blisters on my hands from clipping the exposed edges with scissors, tho was warned I would...must be my excellent technique, or not! LOL!

 Having withdrawal from my paper stuff... this sewing machine work is all very well but it takes so long to get a finished product! 

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Had some fun with this!! It's a school exercise  book underneath all that stuff. I'm forever tearing recipes out of magazines, trying them, loving them then losing them! So I decided to try and keep them all together.

 First I tore up and crinkled some lovely handmade paper that the cat had chewed through...SOD!  He's forever heading to my stack of paper, reaching for the nice textured stuff and pulling it out to sharpen his claws and teeth on!! I then tore up some tissue paper that came in a shoe box...nice deep red shoes...hmmm. ( Do I think I have a problem with my NEED to buy STUFF? Well I don't think its a problem but others might think otherwise!LOL!) This was all stuck down with Mod Podge, dried then painted with acrylic paint and highlighted with bronze paint. The flowers and buttons are from my stash. The metal plates are coloured aluminium from Ten Second Studio, which are embossed then sanded to bring out the pattern. Cool stuff! That was FUN!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Riley's a BIG boy now!

Yay! Riley graduated on Monday night, he now gets to train with the real agility dogs! He was rechristened " The GingaRoo" as he has a wee bit of spring in him!!!! and he's a ginga and he is an Aussie by birth! Perhaps I should give him his long overdue haircut so he'll be able to see where he is going now!

Finished a card last night for the Friday Sketchers challenge using a magnolia image courtesy of Denise. Thanks Denise! Now I have some Mags to play with! .... doesn't feel finished somehow but it's one of those ones you could play with endlessly till you were happy....anyway, time to move on! She is coloured with SU inks and copics and finished with some crystal effects.

( Blogger is playing silly buggers , it took 4 goes to upload this photo!!!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cute Card Thursday

This CCT challenge was to include letters or numbers.  I've used a High hopes image that I love ...might have something to do with the dog! I've been playing with bits of copper art foil again, love these metal scraps. The papers are BG marrakech again! Coloured with  copics (including the WRONG colour that Denise ordered for me....) 

Riley has his training graduation tonight, if the thunderstorms forecast don't eventuate. That means he moves up to the big boys group on Thursdays then. Guess I'll have to get motivated and start entering him in shows ...kinda hard when we're moving into winter.  I'm more of a warm weather competitor! 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Inspiration Award

Just made my day when I woke up to find I had this award from Kimmi! Thanks so much!

The rules are: 1) link back to the person who gave it to you; 2) put the picture/award on your blog; 3) you can nominate anyone and as many as you choose; 4) leave a fact that no one knows about you; and 5) leave a comment on the blog that gave you this award.

Apparently I have to confess a fact no-one in blogland would know about me....hmmm. No, I don't have 7 tattoos...don't have any! Its obvious I'm obsessed with  buying STUFF !! (Aren't we all?And is this time to confess to Tracy that I've ordered the gorjuss girls stamps? ).  I guess  I could admit that my greatest desire when I was at high school was to be a postie ...yep, still wouldn't mind getting out there on my bicycle and delivering mail as a job!!! Beats listening to people moaning about our health system! And I wouldn't mind meeting the dogs either....

 Right, now to pass this on....






Friday, May 15, 2009

Copic Colour challenge

A new challenge for me today, Copic colour .I've used an image sent to me by someone, I think it is a Pink Gem design. Unfortunately the cardstock wasn't as good as SU and the colours bled a little with my copics.....nevermind.  The paper is SU Washington Apple, loving these colours.  The braid was white, I coloured it with copics. 

The rain is dumping down, my washing is on the line, but do I care? No! I have paper to play with! Just need my next lot of copics to hurry up and arrive...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Sketchers

 I must just be in here by the skin of my teeth for the last weeks Friday Sketchers challenge! Not Friday again yet..... so I thought I'd have a go at this challenge but kept getting side-tracked.  Downloaded this cute dragon from Dustin Pike digi-stamps, along with a cute monkey who I have yet to ink up. The papers are BG and I've coloured with copics and twinkling H2Os. Looks better IRL , the sequins on the flowers are orange but are reflecting green in the photo...hmmm..

Have had a frustrating day, doing housework and waiting for a man coming to do a meter reading... anytime from 7am to 12pm they said!!! He showed up at 2pm!!!!!  Told him the dogs had been waiting all morning for him to come so they could go for their walk...think he understood we weren't too happy!

Managed to do a card but couldn't get onto the computer for a while, G has been fixing a friends puter and fiddling with ours in the process!!!!! Anyway, here I am , at last.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

K9 Dreamin!

What do they dream about? Chasing rabbits, chasing cats? Eating? I think Riley dreams about agility and little girl poodles!  He had a fun time at agility training last night, ran a course off lead!!!!!!! (cept for the weaves, we're working on them)  flirted with Nai  his favourite  girlfriend, made friends with Flash,  shouted a bit at Ted E Bear, and spun on the spot so many times his little pea brain must be totally addled .  Home for tea, then he crashed. Then about 1.30am he started howling in his sleep! What a crack up!  This high-pitched AAAARRROOOOO!  We only hear it when he's in a deep sleep. ( Vinnie never howls, he's not a dog....).  

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sugar Bowl Challenge

Well, its my turn to use the computer, it has been tied up doing stuff for G all day and I've been feeling the withdrawal! No trawling the net for me... haven't spent any money tho so I spose that's good!   At least I got my card finished for the Sugar bowl challenge, baked a feijoa crumble cake for dessert and tidied up a bit in THE CRAFT room! Got all my images filed where I can find them now, instead of a lucky dip!LOL!

My card image is of course a sugar nellie, the papers are BG and flowers & buttons are random, with a filigree brad from SU. Coloured with copics and stickled a bit.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bella Rose

Ooooh! Love this designer paper from SU, think I might just have to play with it lots!  My order arrived yesterday but didn't feel up to much, a nasty head cold, then I had to work this morning, so have only just got around to looking at all the STUFF! Love the filigree brads too.... and the ribbon, and the in-colours!

  The flower is a stitchels stamp which arrived the other day and I've only just got around to inking up. The range is designed by the talented Hels  .  Perfect for this paper I thought!

  The image is one from Pink Cat Studio courtesy of Trace, and the sketch is one of  Tiets gorgeous creations..

 The girls at work expect morning tea when they work with me on a Saturday so I whipped up some chocolate mint truffles, dipped in dark chocolate. Very easy to make and not too much brain power involved!  They get to be my guinea pigs when I try a new recipe! LOL! 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Alcohol Inks

Well, finally got out my alcohol inks today for a play.  Think I need lots more colours!!! Heaps of fun making background papers.  Used one small piece on this card,  and an image from Denise (coloured with copics) and then I  pulled out my beading stuff  ( threw lots of beads around, might have to sweep up very carefully tomorrow when the light is a bit better) and made a little dangly thing . Think it turned out pretty cute.  Don't think the photo looks that great, its better IRL. Then I cut out a flower from recycled kraft paper & distressed it and added a silk flower I bought last week. Papers are leftover bits of BG . 

 Waiting for my Stampin Up order to arrive and my copics and I'm sure I'll be inspired to get busy over the weekend. Feeling the urge to buy some more stamps.....!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trace's class

Well I didn't make it to the class but have actually made my page anyway, using only what Trace gave me. Got it home, started to play then realised I needed appropriate photos  .....hmmmm....    can't do dogs AGAIN! Dug out these little gems from my childhood. Yes...that was MY pool! Spoilt huh? Not much good for diving, you kinda bounced right out the other side when you took a running jump into it!!!!!

Reminds me of the inflatable paddling pool Gav bought for the dogs when the goldies were puppies. Those little sharp teeth destroyed it within a day!! HA HA!  

Had an X-Ray yesterday, ( results not for a couple of days) then went to physio afterwards as I'm so knotted up in my shoulders.  Man! Was he brutal!!  Time now for a hot shower and lie down with my hottie. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blue & Green

 The challenge this week at A Spoonful of Sugar is to use blue & green....the image is one sent from a fellow stamper, don't know what it is! Papers are a mix of BG & K& Co. Coloured the image with copics and SU markers. Had to colour the flowers to match, with markers & inks.

Riley is back in the good books, he ran well today at agility for me, around dogs he'd never met, OFF LEAD!!!  He even played with Ted E Bear (who is a big black bear alright). A quick visit to Marise's for a girl cuddle fix and Riley was dumped by Charlie, think this is why he bullies puppies...trying to get his own back! Anyway, might keep him for a while longer.....

Doodle Palace & Something Shiny

I was "stamped" the other night by the lovely Dee & Robin from Doodle Palace. They sent me one of their very cute digi-stamps to have a play with and this is what I came up with.  Managed to combine a challenge too!! CCT this week is something shiny so I slapped on some stickles and cuttlebugged copper foil and crystal effects. Isn't this a cute frog? Paper and card is SU and the sentiment I created myself.

 The house has returned to normal, visiting puppy has gone, Riley might be allowed to stay a bit longer, till he's naughty again!....will let you know Trace when he is available for adoption!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Naughty Riley!

      Well I've had a quiet week,no cards, and no scrapbooking as I've been too sore to do much except go to work and come home. As least I now have an x-ray booked for Monday. Bout TIME!!!!!

Took Riley to agility training on Monday and he was such a good boy, really worked hard for me. However....we have just had cute wee Charlie stay the night with Gav's parents and Riley was verrrrry naughty!  He tried to bully the poor puppy. Needless to say, Riley spent a fair bit of time shut away in time out. Sigh...he can be hard work some times. Charlie thought Abbie & Vinnie were cool tho they weren't all that impressed. Charlie thought Vinnie's couch was cool, the cat toys were cool, but the cat was a bit scary. I got the job of brushing and cutting toenails. Easy peasy Val! Don't know what you were worried about!


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