My Fur kids

My babies deserve a page of their own I thought and finally having figured out how to add a we are! 

 First up is Patrick! aka Fatty Paddy Puddin Tatty

Patrick was dumped as an older kitten and just wandered up our driveway....never to leave!  Brave boy, picking a home that had 4 dogs at that stage!  He's a demanding beast, likes to throw my alarm clock on the floor in the middle of the night if I haven't left him enough food to get him through the night!
I love his ginger spotted nose....

Then there is my sweet wee gummy bear (no teeth!), the boss of the household ( except Patrick who picks on the little boys as he outweighs them and out-sharps them!!!!!) and tries his best to keep Brodie in line.  Kinda hard when he is so little ....and gummy!
Vin sleeps curled up in our bed, under the duvet.

Vinnie the Poo

Riley is from Melbourne Australia and he is a redhead and he is the strangest little dog I've ever known! He's known as the gingaroo, or gingernut.  He gets super excited, spins on the spot, shouts a lot,  does agility courses like a pro , loves to show off..... and then he has a dark side!  He'll suddenly throw little tantrums and go and put himself to bed and sulk for a while.  What's it all about?  Who knows what goes on in that little ginga brain!
But we love him anyway, my little star!

Riley noisily weaving!

Then there is Brodie, Brodie, Brodie. What can I say but, what a doofus he is!
He's a clown , a show-off, soooo funny! He likes to smile like this all the time.  One day he might grow up a bit......maybe.....

Brodie came to live with us when he was 15 months old, with all his bad habits well and truly ingrained. Jump on people, chase cats, guard food and toys, he does them all.  We've finally got him living peacefully with Patrick, he's not so jumpy on visitors , and will share toys with Solly, his best buddy.  And as for agility, one day he may be brilliant, but as his breeder Pat says, he may be 5 or 6 years old before he settles enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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