Friday, October 3, 2008

My wee boys

Vinnie  ( Vincent Black Shadow) aka Ninnie Poo is a 6 year old black toy poodle who I have been doing agility with since he was 2 . He's my wee smoocher, always on my lap, attached with velcro no matter what I'm doing. He does love his dad but if mum is there, he only has eyes for me!!  Riley ( Mr Mischief Riley Red Ted) aka gingernut, is a year old, red toy poodle, an aussie import , and soooooo totally different from his brother. Cuddles are only for the end of the day when he is worn out. There are too many toys to play with, things to smell, birds to chase, the cat to play with...such a busy young man.  Vinnie doesn't really play with Riley, so the poor cat gets most of his attention. Patrick, also a ginger , seems to like playing chase with him, and quite often will hide in ambush in the garden, just waiting for a stray doggie to come near him, then pounces. Very cute to watch. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Family

My family  consists of 4 dogs, 1 cat and a partner who is motorbike mad. Our first furkids were the golden retrievers Abbie & Bruno, yes , litter mates and believe me it is more than double trouble having two puppies at once!! Then came a ginger cat called Otis ( who sadly got killed by a car at the age of 7) , then a toy poodle called Vinnie, then another ginger cat called Patrick...and now the latest addition, another poodle all the way from Australia. More than enough for the time being, but then the goldies are getting old.....


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