Saturday, January 31, 2009

What to do with myself we're going round in circles here. Can't even get motivated to fold the washing...maybe if we leave it  long enough Riley will have been through the lot and dragged bits off to all corners of the house as he does , especially with shoes and socks....
  We're all mooching, trying to keep Bruno quiet, too much excitement could be the end of him if the blood in his lung froths up and blocks off his airways. We got up after a crap night's sleep  to take the goldies to the park. Bruno wagged his tail the whole time and even managed to have a little talk session which he hasn't done much of lately. Takes too much breath and only one lung is functioning. The other is full of tumours.... :(  He looks so happy, still has his appetite at the mo, we'll just take one day at a time. Lots of treats, yummy food and ice cream after tea!   Have taken sooooo many photos of him the last few days, thank goodness for digital cameras!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Explosion box

Finished this a while ago (of all my furkids of course)  but haven't got anything new to show and have to spend lots of extra time cuddling Bruno. He isn't a well boy, has been coughing up blood for a couple of days. Hopefully the steroids and antibiotics will help, otherwise its xrays to see if there is a growth somewhere..... Sposed to be going to my brothers wedding on Feb 14th and the goldies are booked into kennels. May have to be a change of plan ...really don't want to think about that.
  Kicked the wheel on the supermarket trolley last night and I have a feeling my little toe may be fractured!  No walkies today. Have to go to work tho, maybe a visit to A&E tonight!  Gavin reckons I should wear training wheels , a hard hat and a high vis vest wherever I go cos I'm always falling over or hurting something. Cheeky bugger.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hot & Tired

Had a very busy weekend with dog training ( agility) and can seriously say I've had enough sun . Just too hot to be out there for hours on end. Vinnie really didn't want to be there, too hot for a black dog . So I borrowed Marise's Alby for a training seminar today and the wee guy really worked hard.
  Was too tired last night to scrapbook at Trace's, so nothing to show there. Tho I did take about 70 action shots of our club dogs running yesterday...must load them up and check them out. My favourite agility photo is of Laser at training last year, pity I can't get someone to take great shots of my boy !!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Finally had a proper play with my nestabilities, think I could become addicted, and they're releasing heaps more next month.....!!! love my twinkling H2O's as well, tho they don't show so well in photos. In fact, the whole thing looks a bit washed out here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Finished work for the week, got my big order from Stampin Up, the sun is shining, the washing on the line, the dogs walked ....BLISSSSS! Gee , what to do with my day?!!!
 Thought I'd share with you the album I did of my twins before Xmas. They're getting old and slow now so its great to have lots of photos of them as young, energetic idiots.

 Patrick has been making up for lost time by tormenting Riley. Caught them playing in and on Riley's crate the other day. It is one of Riley's favourite spots and he like to take his toys in and out of it. Patrick found the perfect spot to GET HIM!  

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time for shopping

Have just been to Inglewood to help Tracy spend some money at the scrapbooking shop and yes, had to buy something or 5 for me too! May be inspired to get some of those piccies out and do something with them....or not.....!!!
 Finally got around to making my coasters with the resin stuff I got at senz. Yes they are doggie and cattie (well, you know what I mean!) as Denise said they would be.... what else... Gavin's motorbikes? Don't think so! You can't really see in the photos but there is a thick layer of resin over the top of each. I mucked up the Patrick one, got a sandfly in it while it was drying so tried to dig it out then tried to repair it....ooooops!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet. Yes, even with four dogs, it is quiet, with 3 of them asleep and the other out in the garden.  It has been an experience, not sure I would repeat it either. Camilla is recovering, she's drying on the clothesline after a bubble bath, the cat has moved back in. Now there are only 4 mouths to share our food with!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Ten

Its wet, its cool and we have a house full of stir crazy poodles (the males of course ). After 10 days we are hanging out to go back to normal.  Poor Riley is bottom of the heap, the other boys Alby & Charlie hassle him constantly. He comes to me  for a quick cuddle and relief from the constant scragging! One of those rat bags cocked his leg on Camilla the Gorilla (Riley & Vinnie's big pink cuddly girlfriend ) so she is off for a bath shortly . We are going to find this house sooooo quiet when the Poingdestre Poodles go home tomorrow. And the cat can move back in. Poor "Pat the Cat", he's missing out on snuggles and cuddles and brushing which he loves. 
 And I can get back into my craft room (poodle dormitory ) ....I'm having withdrawal symptoms and have had to stop myself sitting at the computer and buying stuff online to make up for lost time in my room!!!  Help!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chaos at home

Well, kinda got lost there for a wee while, what with work, dogs, xmas etc. Got the afternoon off so thought I'd better catch up. Xmas was quiet, tho the wrapping paper from the dog prezzies was shredded from one end of the house to the other. Then Riley lost his new schmackos chew to Bruno so had to cut Vinnie's in half to share with him....silly boy should know better than to leave anything unguarded with two goldies around! Very hot this afternoon so all are lying around in the cooler parts of the house. We have seven dogs here for the week, 3 extra visiting poodles ( some of Marise's many dogs) while the family is at the beach so it gets chaotic frequently. The cat has moved out, spends his days around the front of the house where he can't be got at by 5 bouncing poodles! Normally he likes to tease Riley by smacking him from the basket or chasing him around the backyard. No doubt he'll make up for it next week.


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