Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well, did I have fun doing this page! It was an online class from Tarisota , with Rachel Tucker from Hastings as the tutor.  She's big into making your own embellishments. Well I fiddled with the lace, the needle and thread,  the sewing machine, the beads, the glue to hold the beads in place, cut out heaps, spread glitter from one end of the house to the other(have I ever told you how much I hate glitter?!!!!) ...think we even had some in our tea.... then thought I'd better find some pictures to put on the page!!!LOL. Think it turned out alright in the end!  ( I gave up after two lace flowers tho , no staying power, she had 3 on her page.) Paper is BG and Pink Paislee.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Check it out!

 Have been cruising  blogs  (NO that's not ALL I've done today! ) and  have found a blog where Debbie from   Passion for Crafts is  celebrating her blogoversary and is giving away the most amazing stash of candy including nestabilities and copics! Wow !! Pick Me!!!  Love your cards too Debbie!  

 Meanwhile, if I don't win it, I'm planning my next purchase of copic colours....well it is mother's day soon and the dogs have to make it up to me for buying me a wheelbarrow one year!LOL!

 Have also been re-learning how to crochet (thank goodness for google!) ...once upon a time in the olden days when I was just a child,  we used to crochet squares for mum ( yes, my brother and I!!) endlessly .  Thought I'd try making some flowers for my cards and after trying many crochet hook sizes and threads and wool, have managed, with varying success,  a small stash of these. Think I might give the crochet thread ones a miss next time tho...they're so fiddly as the thread is so fine. My favourite is the 4 ply bamboo wool! Anyway, had to make a card to see what they looked like. These flowers were a bit rough as I was experimenting but I think they look OK from a distance!  Used Blosson from Sugar Nellies again and paper is a mix of SU and BG.

Another one? Karma!

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind of bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly written text into the body of their award".

Gee guys, this'll give me a big head, two awards in 1 day!! Thanks to the lovely Kimmi for this award .  Now I have to choose eight more bloggers to pass it on to ....hmmm...









 So there you go ladies, pass it on to eight more!!! 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blog award

Trace has done it again and given me an award. Guess she's partial to ginger poodles! Thanks Trace! You're a sweetie.

Getting edgy

CCT challenge this week is to either tear, sand, distress or sew edges.  Think I've managed all of those!  Used up bits of SU outlaw paper left over from another project...just right for autumn I think. Found some copper artfoil buried in the mess , & I ran it thru the cuttlebug then sanded to distress it...don't think you can see that in the photo. Flowers, buttons, dewdrops and leaves from my ever growing stash. ( Gav had the cheek to call it junk the other day!!!!!He was suitably punished!)

 Been to physio again, waiting for an x-ray appointment now! I've improved enough to sleep most of the night but that's about it. To bury my frustration I have to keep buying more stuff....well thats my excuse!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


What a night! Straight home from work, rushed out to agility with Riley....the little sod cocked his leg on my trackies!!!!  Got home, too tired to make anything crafty , then went to bed. 12am there was a BEEP!  Woke up to find Abbie missing, tracked her down in the bathroom, hiding from the nasty BEEP!   Then there was another BEEP!  Got Gav out of bed to disable the smoke detector in the hallway which I can't reach. Got into bed. BEEP!  Is it the one in the lounge?....about to climb up and disable that and another BEEP from somewhere said it wasn't that one. Meanwhile Gav went to the loo and Abbie tried to squeeze in there with him!!!LOL! No room darling girl!  BEEP! Can't find any more smoke alarms!!! Where is the noise coming not the house alarm, that is WAAAAYYY louder.  Says Gav" Oh, what about the two smoke alarms I haven't put up yet?" Where are they? Not sure....  5 minutes and several BEEP!s later found them on top of the fridge. Batteries out...Yay! Back to sleep!  4am Riley starts to grizzle and jiggle in his crate. " Mum I drank lots of water tonight I need to go wee!" Well, I'm sure that's what he was saying cos I let him out and took him outside and it took him ages to empty his bladder! Back to sleep , Gav up at 6am, 6.20am the lights in the bedroom come on..." I've lost my wallet! Have you seen it? Got any cash for my lunch?" . So my day started...hope it improves....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Class stuff

This is what we started at Tracy's when Trace was visiting, and were sposed to finish Friday  night....well we couldn't be bothered putting it all together so ended up cutting and scoring for some class packs instead.  Finished my cards yesterday, otherwise, knowing me they would've sat for months, glowering at me, saying " You don't love us, you'll never finish us!" Or not....did I tell you I'm on some heavy duty pain relief and I think they may be affecting my perception of things!LOL!

Anyway, I'm starting to sound like Denise. This card box, 3 cards and envelopes are a cute idea for a gift.  All Stampin Up card ,paper, ribbon, stamps etc. Tracy has some other examples on her blog, using different paper & card.

 Gav has ridden to Manfeild today for a track ride-around day. He wanted to know if I'd like to go ( on the motorbike of course) and be his pit crew  ie hold up umbrella, hold up lap scores, make him sandwiches, massge in between rides.....oh yeh, wearing a bikini! Aaarrrgghhh! Nuff said.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Heart stopping moment, thought the computer had died, wouldn't boot, even from a boot disk.....HELP!  Turns out the external hard drives with all G's music somehow bogged it down ...whatever! We're working now!

 Here's my entry to Cute Card Thursday.  Challenge is to use any type of flower on a card. Easy!  My flower is from the new SU playful petals stamp set, cut out from SU designer paper. Pearls &  button are random from my stash. Card stock is SU, doodles are nesties. Coloured with SU inks and copics. Image is sugar nellie...again....

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well this makes a change, its not green!!!!  Don't know if I like it but anyway, had fun just using up scraps of SU & BG papers and found a High Hopes image I coloured ages ago but never got around to using. It was coloured with water colour pencils, copics and twinkling H2Os.  I like this image, reminds me of how Bruno used to snuggle....

 Visited Denise today and found out she's been ordering more stamps on the net! Tsk tsk! Sposed to be saving !!!! At least they are WOJ and I want some, so as long as I get to play with them I'll be happy!

Hope you had a good safe drive home Trace, it was great to meet you and Annette. Hope we weren't too noisy.....  Does hubby like the piccy of Riley? Gav was a bit peeved when I said I almost gave his ginger Poo away. The little toe-rag would be missed around here if I did.  He can be very cute!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A night out for the boys

Well we had fun at Tracy's!   We made card holders,( Tracy actually had to teach a class instead of abandoning us to figure it out!!)  ate lots, talked lots and of course, the whole point of the night out, we met the lovely Trace and Annette. Hope they recover from the experience soon..... Its so nice to actually meet the people you communicate with by blog.  Bad news is that Trace wont still be in Auckland when we go to Senz, she's off to live in the deep dark south. 

Riley & Vinnie were invited too!  They cuddled lots, chased the cat, ate the cats biccies and Riley had a photo shoot with Trace. What a star. He was so tired he crawled into my bed this morning and decided to stay there!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I have a huge box full of photos of my twins and will never get to the bottom of it!  These two were a handful as adolescents, especially around water. Abbie was a "dig the water out and splash it everywhere" kinda girl, tho in her senior years she doesn't get up to much. Bruno loved moving water , best drunk straight out of the tap or hose! He loved to body surf down at the beach. We'd throw a stick, he'd bring it most of the way back then Abbie would snatch it off him to bring back to us! What a meanie!

  Gav just said " You've spelt obsession wrong, it has a C in it" .Then he  googled it and I said "No, I 've spelt it right" . He replied " Gee, that's not fair, they must've just changed that! "  He couldn't be wrong now, could he? 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Time for a dog

Have neglected my doggie stamps. This one is a Montarga image, one of the cuter ones I've found.  I have done a few simple cards for our dog training club to send out to people as thank yous etc. Our club colours are maroon & silver so I feel like I need to stick to a colour theme ( well I get the maroon in there anyway!) . Don't know why....maybe I should branch out, I'm getting a bit sick of it! The paper is Kaiser craft and Websters , the card, ribbon and hardware is SU. Coloured with copics and distress inks.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sugar Bowl sketch callenge

Work this morning was crazy. You'd think people would be a bit more organised with their medication. Its " I've run out of these, can't find those" .... its not like Easter pops up out of nowhere! Had one man who managed to throw all his 3 months supply of meds out in the rubbish.....Geeeezz!  Then I have to sort these people out!

 Gav is lying up on the roof painting the eaves, with his ipod blasting away in his ears. The phone went for him so I had to climb up the ladder and wiggle his foot to get his attention. He's gonna go deaf....well he already has VEEERRRRYYY selective hearing! LOL. Think it must be a MAN trait.

 Here's my card for the sugar bowl sketch challenge from Tiets .  Papers are a mix of BG and SU . Can't wait for the new SU designer papers, I might be a bit more adventurous with my colours then. Seems to be green I reach for everytime, not that I like green or anything...promise to use something else next time!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bruno & his dad

 Thought maybe it was time to look at some piccies of my big Brooser and do something with them. Sigh....maybe not.  Bruno made the most of all the cudddles on offer. 

  Heard from Val this morning and her little Charlie is a bit naughty...I think he needs a wee bit of training. Maybe he needs to come over to our puppy bootcamp  for a while, we'll sort him out! Or not!

 Made some hot buns yesterday ( can't be bothered with the crosses!) and they turned out really well. Had to put the heater on to get the room warm enough for  the yeast to work. Today, its beautiful and Gav is walking around in shorts and T shirt!....well, it is warming up out there tho I've still got several layers on.  Don't think I'm ready to abandon the trackies yet.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coffee or scrapbooking?

Yay! Long weekend! Not working today, and this morning am off for a deep tissue massage...bliss. Yes it will hurt, the lovely Annette brings tears to my eyes usually but afterwards I feel great and maybe she can get past this muscular block that makes my nights so uncomfortable. 

 Its raining, its cold, the dogs wanna go out to check their pee-mail ....I wanna curl up with a coffee and a good book....but wait, maybe I could do something creative.....hmmm.  

 Riley has his new leather jacket, he is such a cool dude! Pretty scruffy tho, he needs a hair cut!  Now he needs a little helmet then he can go on the motorbike with his dad....or not! Probably wouldn't suit Gav to be seen with the gingernut.  

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, I guess I've been very uninspired the last week. Tired and sore means no desire to play with paper and stamps.  A friend who is training as a bowen therapist came around yesterday and set up his massage table in the lounge and I climbed on to be one of his guinea pigs  , oooops I mean case studies!  Well, Vinnie kept reaching up and grizzling to be lifted up, Riley kept leaping onto my back from the floor ( Yes, its official the aussie ginger is actually a kangaroo, he's spring loaded) and Abbie kept nudging me . So they were all banned from the lounge except Abbie who settled down beside the table to keep an eye on me.  We shall see if its helped at all after a follow up session next week.

 Spent the day at Tracy's yesterday getting her and Marise hooked on copics! (Copics are quite addictive you know).  I think Denise & I are now banned from her house.  

 I gave Trace the sketch off Tiets blog to do , and she did it, so I thought I'd better attempt it myself or I might be accused of being slack . Blossom is another sugar nellie stamp and she's pretty cute, but then they all are. I'm Cheating and adding this to cute card thursday challenge as well.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Sick of this

Another trip to the physio, my back isn't improving, half my left side is numb, the anti-inflammatories don't give me more than 4 hours relief so I'm awake and uncomfortable half the night and I am sick of this! I have some yummy prima paper from Trace and can feel a card coming on but find sitting for more than 10 minutes is impossible. Maybe I should try a cask of wine....!LOL! Then I'm likely to fall over and hurt myself even more.....I think ACC must be getting sick of me.!


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