Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trace's class

Well I didn't make it to the class but have actually made my page anyway, using only what Trace gave me. Got it home, started to play then realised I needed appropriate photos  .....hmmmm....    can't do dogs AGAIN! Dug out these little gems from my childhood. Yes...that was MY pool! Spoilt huh? Not much good for diving, you kinda bounced right out the other side when you took a running jump into it!!!!!

Reminds me of the inflatable paddling pool Gav bought for the dogs when the goldies were puppies. Those little sharp teeth destroyed it within a day!! HA HA!  

Had an X-Ray yesterday, ( results not for a couple of days) then went to physio afterwards as I'm so knotted up in my shoulders.  Man! Was he brutal!!  Time now for a hot shower and lie down with my hottie. 


Tracy said...

Oh Viv this turned out great, amazing how everyones is so different.

Trace said...

This is gorgeous Viv and they are such cute photos. Lol on the dogs and the pool - buggers aren't they!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful page Viv, I'm jealous - I wish I could scrap! hugs, Steph xxx


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