Thursday, May 28, 2009


 Had the challenge of doing a SU only scrapbooking page....never done one before and had to throw it together in a hurry ( thanks Tracy!!!) . Love the papers, from the new designer paper range. Then of course had to find some photos to go on it. Pat the Cat's turn this time. Of course some of the  embellies are not SU...but nobody's perfect!

 Now I've finished my quilt I've got to crochet 20 flowers for a scrapbooking class... gee I wish I had ten thumbs sometimes, then I wouldn't get these jobs!LOL!

 Had to laugh the other night, rang Denise and she wasn't home. Next thing I know theres a knock on the door and there she is on my doorstep ( in pyjamas & dressing gown!!LOL) with a bag of cheese for me.  At least is was dark and no-one could see her...I hope!  Ta Denise, very yummy selection.



Tracy said...

Love this page, you did us proud!!! Yep I got got cheese too... what a great friend she is!

Trace said...

Awww not fair, I love cheese lol! What a talented lady you are Viv, crochet, quilting, stamping, sewing, scrapbooking, and a great cook.

scrapaddict said...

Hey guys, hope you know I hate cheese...and select it for others by squishing it to see whether its hard or soft...oh and by the funky names, LOL.


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