Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday again

Managed to put together a card finally. Have been having withdrawal symptoms. More BG paper! 

 Back to work and I'm only a semi-invalid today. Still need my back crunched one more time, there's a pinched nerve that is driving me crazy! At least I can actually move. Took the dogs out for a walk this morning and as Vinnie went down the steps he suddenly lifted a paw and screeeeeched for  a whole minute...poor neighbours, hope they weren't planning on sleeping in! Riley joined in the "fun" and barked at him. Vin has an ongoing leg/paw injury, he jumped from my arms one night at training and hurt it then. Vets can't find exactly what it is, and he is such a woosie boy, I think his serious agility days are well and truly over now. He'd prefer to sit in my arms and watch anyway .

Got a photo of Gav's new brother, Charlie, sent to us. Isn't he cute? Looks like he could be a bit of a cheeky monkey Val, just wait till he has really settled in.... Oh, and Riley has sent him some toys like his to play with.

Well, a half hour job sorting Denise and her blog turned into 2 hours.  Gee Denise...lucky you had some cadbury mini eggs to revive me! If you haven't tried these...DON'T!! They cause a serious addiction.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Ouch

There's been no creativity in this household the last few days! I've been flat on my back, a hot water bottle between my shoulders, trying to get some relief . Up to A& E for some serious pain relief, which really only took the edge off it , then  finally got to the physio yesterday and he crunched my back in , in two spots and I can breathe again! Still hurts, like a truck has driven over my upper back but at least now it's not one huge continuous knife in the back-type cramp! And it responds to normal pain meds. Yay!  

 Had a call from Gav's mother Val the other night. She has a puppy ! And she loves him ( Charlie) . I've been telling her her for years she needs another dog.  TOLD YOU SO VAL!!!!! Anyway, apparently some idiot vet gave him his vaccination in his rear quarters and he was in agony. Poor baby. Hope our new family member is feeling better this morning. Any vaccination can  cause quite a lot of  localised pain, that's why they vaccinate in the neck, where it's all loose skin and tissue, not muscle! Geez!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is what my lot do when I'm at work......NOTHING!

Well, Riley is always busy with his toys but the old girl just sleeps and Vinnie sulks cos mummy isn't there to cuddle him!

We have another golden retriever staying for a few days and so she is so submissive, Riley thinks he can boss her around. I wish she would stand up for herself, she needs lessons in assertiveness! That little ginger is too full of himself.  Entire Males! Who would have one? 

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Moving a bit better today, though I think I need my back crunched back in line! Had a little play with Rory and some BG Marrakesh paper. Never thought I'd like orange but I love these papers. The copper strip is copper foil from my leadlighting stash.

Dogs are busy with their Sunday meaty bones and Gav has been painting around the front door. Next step is the baby gate to stop Riley rushing out the door when its opened! I'm hoping his agility training will bring a bit more control, he's just so full on and full of mischief....

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Picture this. Last night I'm sitting on the bed talking to Gav, then I pick up Vinnie in one hand, put a foot on the floor to stand up only Abbie is under my foot, so I lift my foot, she moves, I'm falling and twisting, I hit the floor sitting and lightly fling Vinnie over onto Abbie's bed.  Vinnie's Ok, Abbie is Ok but I have managed to pinch a nerve between my shoulder blades and it took me 5 minutes to get off the floor I was laughing and crying so much. Gav is sitting there saying" That's the most bizaare thing I've ever seen, you just threw yourself off the bed with a poodle in your hand!" I was supposed to be going to Wanganui to an agility champ show today but I can hardly breath, let alone run and direct a dog! And its such a nice day too....sigh. LOL

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yet another nellie

Back to work today after almost 2 weeks off and as usual it was a very busy day. Never feel like doing much when I get home from work.....good thing I made a card yesterday then isn't it!  Having fun  playing with distress inks and masks, though you can't see much of the masking, its on the background paper. 


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Riley Red Ted

Well I must say I was very proud of my boy, he focused, did what was asked, ran thru the tunnels with great joy and behaved well....... most of the time! He had a wee grumble at a male terrier, but I think that was cos he's fallen in love with Nai, the little girl poodle in his class. Hormones! If he wasn't destined to be a breeder, we'd have them boy's bits chopped off ASAP! 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Nellie

Dug out the sewing machine today, had a hat to fix for Gav so thought I'd have a play sewing paper and card. Lots of fiddling with tension but finally got something reasonable.  Might even inspire me to sew something....yeh right! Another sugar nellie, my favourites at the moment.

Riley starts his agility classes tonight. I've been out to club and poodle-proofed the fence . There was a gap where some palings were missing. Riley would be off next door and down the road before you could say " S#*!t!!" 

Friday, March 13, 2009

All black & blue

Took me a while to get my head around this. Some things just happen, some are hard work...sigh! Wouldn't it be nice if everything just flowed? Then I couldn't download the photo, the computer wouldn't recognise my camera.  Gav had been fiddling with the settings...all fixed now!

We have sunshine today. Yay! And Mr Stinky breath ( Vinnie) went to the vets to have his teeth cleaned yesterday, poor boy. The vet looked at him and said " Well we have a problem, how are we going to clean his teeth? We'll have to unglue him from you first."  Wee Vin sits in my arm and snuggles . He was screeching when I left! He is minty fresh now tho.

 I've finally had a haircut! Six weeks overdue for that. Feel almost presentable .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eeek! Pink!!!

Riley disappears in the mornings as soon as we get up , usually to be found under our blankets when we go to make the bed. This morning he was just relaxing, waiting for breakfast in bed!
A miserable day today, we got soaked out walking, even tho it was just around the block. Then the sun came out for a while when we got home.  Great timing. The poodles looked hilarious with their wet curls and straggly ears.

Waaayyyy out of my comfort zone. Pink.... a colour I tend to avoid! Go on, say it Denise....What is the world coming to? I didn't realise I had so much pink stuff, must've been a fairy left it in my stash.

Kombi trip

On Sunday we took the poodles away for a night in the old '72 VW camper and headed inland on " The Forgotten Highway" ( Abbie is just too big for the Kombi so she went to Marise's for the night).  Boy there are some isolated spots in NZ, you could hide away forever, no one would know where to find you!  We ended up staying the night at the Whangamomona camp ground ( was the school till it closed in 1979) where we had the place to ourselves, apart from a few chooks, a goat , a horse over the fence, but then another van arrived. Felt positively crowded! 
  Whangamomona is a republic, and for a couple of years the president was a goat, then Tai the poodle took over for a while till an assasination attempt! Think its a human president now.
Riley had to be kept on a lead, he would've chased the chooks and probably would've been chased back by the rooster!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, so much for the rain we're sposed to be having, its everywhere around the area but not in Hawera! I don't mind , though it would be nice to have an excuse to just sit in my very untidy craft room and play.  Instead, have only had a little play(  another sugar nellie of course) . Flowers courtesy of Tracy, leftover from our page class the other night.
  Got a parcel of dog "stuff" from the US yesterday. Riley modelled his new doggles for us. Now he just needs a leather jacket and helmet and he can go for rides on the motorbike with his dad!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doggone busy

We've had a busy few days here with our big Dog Agility Champ show over the weekend . Of course the weather started off absolutely awful but luckily the rain stopped on Saturday about the time the second class was ready to run. A good thing too or Vinnie would've been scratched, he's not one for getting too wet!!  I tried to run Marise's Alby but he took off out of the ring like a madman. Sunday he ran nicely for me but I think that was because he'd gotten over the initial excitement and Marise wasn't around so he wasn't looking for her. Boy he moves fast!
 Friday night we spent a few hours at Trace's playing with our scrapbooking kits she put together. Not a very good picture , and have yet to do my journalling . Piccies are of my brother and I a loooooong time ago! Thanks Trace for organising the evening, where would we be without you?


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