Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday again

Managed to put together a card finally. Have been having withdrawal symptoms. More BG paper! 

 Back to work and I'm only a semi-invalid today. Still need my back crunched one more time, there's a pinched nerve that is driving me crazy! At least I can actually move. Took the dogs out for a walk this morning and as Vinnie went down the steps he suddenly lifted a paw and screeeeeched for  a whole minute...poor neighbours, hope they weren't planning on sleeping in! Riley joined in the "fun" and barked at him. Vin has an ongoing leg/paw injury, he jumped from my arms one night at training and hurt it then. Vets can't find exactly what it is, and he is such a woosie boy, I think his serious agility days are well and truly over now. He'd prefer to sit in my arms and watch anyway .

Got a photo of Gav's new brother, Charlie, sent to us. Isn't he cute? Looks like he could be a bit of a cheeky monkey Val, just wait till he has really settled in.... Oh, and Riley has sent him some toys like his to play with.

Well, a half hour job sorting Denise and her blog turned into 2 hours.  Gee Denise...lucky you had some cadbury mini eggs to revive me! If you haven't tried these...DON'T!! They cause a serious addiction.



Trace said...

Too late on the mini eggs - tried the old gold, yummo! Now isn't he just the cutest pup!

Tracy said...

Ohhh cute!!! And the card is pretty neat too!!!!

scrapaddict said...

LMAO, I was looking at the picture and thinking what a big toy you bought for Vinnie and Riley, that dog is sooo cute, hmmm Trace mentioned old gold mini eggs!!!

Tammi said...

OMGosh he's adorable!! What a cutie. Your card is lovely too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and the nice comment. I've been looking back through a few of your pages, wonderful cards and cute dog pics! I'd LOVE to visit New Zealand, gorgeous country there. :)


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