Friday, April 3, 2009

Sick of this

Another trip to the physio, my back isn't improving, half my left side is numb, the anti-inflammatories don't give me more than 4 hours relief so I'm awake and uncomfortable half the night and I am sick of this! I have some yummy prima paper from Trace and can feel a card coming on but find sitting for more than 10 minutes is impossible. Maybe I should try a cask of wine....!LOL! Then I'm likely to fall over and hurt myself even more.....I think ACC must be getting sick of me.!


scrapaddict said...

LOL, have you got ACC on speed dial yet?

Viv said...

Sure do, and every injury seems to be dog-related! ( there was the sprained thumb, the torn rotator cuff tendon, the broken tooth, the lower back injury from shoving Bruno into the kennel.....)


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