Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eeek! Pink!!!

Riley disappears in the mornings as soon as we get up , usually to be found under our blankets when we go to make the bed. This morning he was just relaxing, waiting for breakfast in bed!
A miserable day today, we got soaked out walking, even tho it was just around the block. Then the sun came out for a while when we got home.  Great timing. The poodles looked hilarious with their wet curls and straggly ears.

Waaayyyy out of my comfort zone. Pink.... a colour I tend to avoid! Go on, say it Denise....What is the world coming to? I didn't realise I had so much pink stuff, must've been a fairy left it in my stash.


Tracy said...

Dont blame him curling up in bed.. wish I was there all day nice and warm!!! Love the card.

Trace said...

Oh dear for the poodles, nothing like a bad hair day to make you want to go back to bed LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ok Viv, after hassling me for the last three days about your pink card, I have seen it and I love it, I knew you were a secret pink hoarder:0


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