Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doggone busy

We've had a busy few days here with our big Dog Agility Champ show over the weekend . Of course the weather started off absolutely awful but luckily the rain stopped on Saturday about the time the second class was ready to run. A good thing too or Vinnie would've been scratched, he's not one for getting too wet!!  I tried to run Marise's Alby but he took off out of the ring like a madman. Sunday he ran nicely for me but I think that was because he'd gotten over the initial excitement and Marise wasn't around so he wasn't looking for her. Boy he moves fast!
 Friday night we spent a few hours at Trace's playing with our scrapbooking kits she put together. Not a very good picture , and have yet to do my journalling . Piccies are of my brother and I a loooooong time ago! Thanks Trace for organising the evening, where would we be without you?


Tracy said...

Where would you be without me??? probably a hell of a lot richer!!!

Trace said...

So I'm coming down in April - Trace has the dates. Hoping to meet you two, (and the dogs of course!)

Viv said...

Trace, I guess we're as bad an influence on each other....all that stuff out there just waiting to be bought.
And Trace, Woohoo! It would be great to meet you! The dogs love meeting people too, especially if there are cuddles involved.


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