Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Riley Red Ted

Well I must say I was very proud of my boy, he focused, did what was asked, ran thru the tunnels with great joy and behaved well....... most of the time! He had a wee grumble at a male terrier, but I think that was cos he's fallen in love with Nai, the little girl poodle in his class. Hormones! If he wasn't destined to be a breeder, we'd have them boy's bits chopped off ASAP! 


Trace said...

Well ya know a boys gotta have his priorities right and that terrier might have been looking sideways at his new girl! Having an entire male myself we hear the odd growl sometimes, if there's another entire around. Good to hear he didn't disgrace his mother and find any holes in the fence!

Viv said...

Didn't let go of the lead often, but he was still a very good boy!

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

This blog melts my heart!

I love dogs sooooo much!
Give those little cuties a few nuzzles and a scratch behind the ears for me!



Tracy said...

Yaah.. go the ginge!! What you do with vinnie???

Viv said...

Wee Vin sat in the car till it was over and then he was allowed out to greet everyone enthusiastically.


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