Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, we've been for a walk, the rain held off for us, tho Riley still needed a towel dry, he likes to dive thru long wet grass!! His wet fringe flopped right over, I've had to trim it so he can see. 

 The quilt is finished tho it needs a final tidy up, threads & fluff etc. Very proud of it, for 11-12 hours work! I'll be avoiding pins for a while, don't know how many times I stabbed myself!  Now, just gotta keep the cat off it....he likes fluff and fabric as well as paper and plastic! Speaking of fluff, Riley might be a problem too, he likes to unstuff toys...he might try to unstuff the quilt! Guess it'll have to go where they can't get at it unsupervised!


scrapaddict said...

That is absolutely beautiful Viv, you are right to be proud of it, I love the colours too.

Tammi said...

Ack, I HOPE Riley doesn't even think about touching this gorgeous quilt!! Wow, amazing job on it! We have a shih tzu and she's only unstuffed her own toys, she's never touched anything else, thankfully! :)


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