Thursday, February 26, 2009

Picking apples

Isn't she cute? Couldn't wait, haven't even mounted the stamps yet!!!! Thanks to the ladies at Funky kits for the excellent service and the gorgeous stamps.
 Have been playing with my few copic markers.... can see I might need more of these beasts. Its a never ending list of needs and wants with this hobby!!!


Tracy said...

SO I bet you been busy today!!! How many of your stamps are inked??? I managed two in my "smoko" breaks at work... walked over and showed Marise... (who thinks I do nothing but cards at work and should be sacked)... Love the card by the way.

Viv said...

Actually had to go in to work for a while so didn't do much really....!ezi mount is here,will drop it around on the way to training

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

I love apple picking in the fall and I love your card!

I also love your little poodle. He looks like my first dog Frisco.



Louise F NZ said...

Look up Cult Pens.... Fab deals on Copics and fairly cheap shipping considering they are sent priority registered from the UK.
Love this image it is one I have and I love her!


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