Thursday, February 5, 2009


Gav has been working on the house, I've been clipping poodles and the goldies have been lying around doing nothing!!  Very warm again here.
Haven't been inclined to make any cards etc, tho I have cut some snowflakes with spellbinders diecutters ( think this might be my favourite at the moment ) for Trace to use on her snowy scrapbook page. She likes them but can't be bothered trying to use them!!!!
 Bruno is lying at my feet squeaking a is obviously a good day for him. 


Tracy said...

I know, I know, slack ah!!!! I just know what a great friend you are and know that you will do it for me!!!

Trace said...

Those snowflakes are a bit gorgeous allright - would look neat on the table at Christmas! Good to hear your boy's having a good day. We had a Labradoodle pup come and visit us at work today, very very cute!


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