Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well its slightly cooler here cos we have some rain but still humid. Best I go and pick some more beans , they're going crazy at the moment, and the zucchinis.
Bruno is enjoying the slightly cooler temps, his breathing is much easier. Went back to the vets on Monday and they're happy he's holding his own, we just keep him dosed up on steroids till he's had enough.... he's still enjoying his doddles in the park and all those extra treats!

  This page I did a while ago .... I keep procrastinating with my scrapbooking as I have so many OE photos to do. Its too daunting. However, maybe a change of topic might get me inspired, (what about some doggie pages??!!!!!) or not !! LOL!


Tracy said...

But you do the doggy pages soooo welll!!!! Havent seen poddles for a while???

Trace said...

I know what you mean - now I nearly always use sketches - it just means I don't have to think about the plan, just the colours and photos.


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