Friday, February 6, 2009


Just heard last night that a friend's golden retriever died yesterday, put to sleep in his favourite spot out on the lawn with his buddies around him.  Poor Chester also had cancer.
You know how hard it is to do a sympathy card without going over the top? Still not happy with it but.....
Found a nice poem to go inside:

Losing a True Friend

I know how it feels to lose someone,
Someone who has been there for you for so long;
I know it seems like tears are all you have,
And that you may never enjoy another song;
But remember the good times that you shared,
And know that he really knew you cared.
There is really no greater bond
Than dog and man (or woman,) Fond
is the person of such a joy
A true and warm pal, be it girl or boy
And if someone says "it was just a dog"
Just walk away---tact like a frog!
Remember when you are really blue
Your dog's in heaven, he's there for you
And when in time you climb those stairs
He'll be there so you say your prayers!
And do not fret and do not stew
You've One True Friend Waiting FOR YOU!
Poem by M.J.M. 1999


Tracy said...

Great card. very doggy!

Trace said...

Had to skip over the poem Viv, otherwise it would make me cry...

Viv said...

When I heard at training that Chester had gone, I cried all the way home!

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

I can certainly tell that you are a fellow animal lover.
Good for you!
You must be an awesome person!

I have some more Doggy poems.
If you would like me to share them with you, let me know.




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