Friday, April 10, 2009

Bruno & his dad

 Thought maybe it was time to look at some piccies of my big Brooser and do something with them. Sigh....maybe not.  Bruno made the most of all the cudddles on offer. 

  Heard from Val this morning and her little Charlie is a bit naughty...I think he needs a wee bit of training. Maybe he needs to come over to our puppy bootcamp  for a while, we'll sort him out! Or not!

 Made some hot buns yesterday ( can't be bothered with the crosses!) and they turned out really well. Had to put the heater on to get the room warm enough for  the yeast to work. Today, its beautiful and Gav is walking around in shorts and T shirt!....well, it is warming up out there tho I've still got several layers on.  Don't think I'm ready to abandon the trackies yet.


scrapaddict said...

Bruno looks extra smoochie with Gav. Happy Easter, Viv.

mueppi said...

Great photo!
Happy Easter!
Hugs Gisela

Tracy said...

Great page. yep we lit the fire and yet today was warm as!!!

Louise F NZ said...

This is lovely Viv, great layout and the paper is lovely too.


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