Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coffee or scrapbooking?

Yay! Long weekend! Not working today, and this morning am off for a deep tissue massage...bliss. Yes it will hurt, the lovely Annette brings tears to my eyes usually but afterwards I feel great and maybe she can get past this muscular block that makes my nights so uncomfortable. 

 Its raining, its cold, the dogs wanna go out to check their pee-mail ....I wanna curl up with a coffee and a good book....but wait, maybe I could do something creative.....hmmm.  

 Riley has his new leather jacket, he is such a cool dude! Pretty scruffy tho, he needs a hair cut!  Now he needs a little helmet then he can go on the motorbike with his dad....or not! Probably wouldn't suit Gav to be seen with the gingernut.  


Trace said...

Awwww soooooooooooooooo cute!!

Tracy said...

Well??? did you do anything??? I went to NP today and spent just a little (yeah right) at Jacquis. Also got home to find a parcel full of yummy flowers.. will show you in the next few days. Hope your massage went well

mueppi said...

Looks so lovely!
Hugs Gisela


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