Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A night out for the boys

Well we had fun at Tracy's!   We made card holders,( Tracy actually had to teach a class instead of abandoning us to figure it out!!)  ate lots, talked lots and of course, the whole point of the night out, we met the lovely Trace and Annette. Hope they recover from the experience soon..... Its so nice to actually meet the people you communicate with by blog.  Bad news is that Trace wont still be in Auckland when we go to Senz, she's off to live in the deep dark south. 

Riley & Vinnie were invited too!  They cuddled lots, chased the cat, ate the cats biccies and Riley had a photo shoot with Trace. What a star. He was so tired he crawled into my bed this morning and decided to stay there!


Beck C said...

Hey Viv - nice blog! Thanks for leaving a comment on mine :) Just out of curiosity, how did you end up finding mine? I always love to know where my readers come from! :) Hope you had a Happy Easter... Becks

Tracy said...

LOL... took a while to find the cats!!!! and the floor... man you guys are messy!!


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