Saturday, September 18, 2010

Little Winner

OK, have been witing to take a decent photo of the boy and his ribbon, but it just aint gonna happen so here is the gingaroo  with the ribbon he won last Sunday at an agility champ show!  First place, no faults and a really good, fast time! My boy is so clever!!!!!  Considering the grounds were a bog and we had mud up to our eyebrows, I didn't expect much of him, he doesn't even like getting wet, let alone muddy!
Brodie on the other hand, got into the ring and proceeded to lie down in the mud! Arrrgghh! And he was disqualified for not completing his round, he had nose to the ground , just too busy to listen to mum!

1 comment:

Trace said...

Way to go Riley man! Guess you'll be in Mum's good books for the next few weeks now LOL.


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