Monday, January 12, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet. Yes, even with four dogs, it is quiet, with 3 of them asleep and the other out in the garden.  It has been an experience, not sure I would repeat it either. Camilla is recovering, she's drying on the clothesline after a bubble bath, the cat has moved back in. Now there are only 4 mouths to share our food with!


Trace said...

Oh Viv I love seeing all the dogs together, pure bliss. Don't blame them for spending their days sleeping, it's too hot to do anything else! And what a smart cat...anything for peace and quiet eh!

Viv said...

Well Trace, it was chaos for a while, especially when food was being prepared! 7 mouths waiting for something to slip their way . Now just have two extra in day care here for a few days( they sleep better in their own home!)


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