Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Ten

Its wet, its cool and we have a house full of stir crazy poodles (the males of course ). After 10 days we are hanging out to go back to normal.  Poor Riley is bottom of the heap, the other boys Alby & Charlie hassle him constantly. He comes to me  for a quick cuddle and relief from the constant scragging! One of those rat bags cocked his leg on Camilla the Gorilla (Riley & Vinnie's big pink cuddly girlfriend ) so she is off for a bath shortly . We are going to find this house sooooo quiet when the Poingdestre Poodles go home tomorrow. And the cat can move back in. Poor "Pat the Cat", he's missing out on snuggles and cuddles and brushing which he loves. 
 And I can get back into my craft room (poodle dormitory ) ....I'm having withdrawal symptoms and have had to stop myself sitting at the computer and buying stuff online to make up for lost time in my room!!!  Help!!!

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