Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chaos at home

Well, kinda got lost there for a wee while, what with work, dogs, xmas etc. Got the afternoon off so thought I'd better catch up. Xmas was quiet, tho the wrapping paper from the dog prezzies was shredded from one end of the house to the other. Then Riley lost his new schmackos chew to Bruno so had to cut Vinnie's in half to share with him....silly boy should know better than to leave anything unguarded with two goldies around! Very hot this afternoon so all are lying around in the cooler parts of the house. We have seven dogs here for the week, 3 extra visiting poodles ( some of Marise's many dogs) while the family is at the beach so it gets chaotic frequently. The cat has moved out, spends his days around the front of the house where he can't be got at by 5 bouncing poodles! Normally he likes to tease Riley by smacking him from the basket or chasing him around the backyard. No doubt he'll make up for it next week.

1 comment:

Louise F NZ said...

Sounds like your place has totally gone to the
Yeah I am definitely in for senz, as long as there are no soccer tournaments that weekend. oh and you drive in


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