Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hot & Tired

Had a very busy weekend with dog training ( agility) and can seriously say I've had enough sun . Just too hot to be out there for hours on end. Vinnie really didn't want to be there, too hot for a black dog . So I borrowed Marise's Alby for a training seminar today and the wee guy really worked hard.
  Was too tired last night to scrapbook at Trace's, so nothing to show there. Tho I did take about 70 action shots of our club dogs running yesterday...must load them up and check them out. My favourite agility photo is of Laser at training last year, pity I can't get someone to take great shots of my boy !!


Tracy said...

Holy crap it is hot here... let alone running around a course with dogs!! Good on ya I say! See you when I get back from up north.

Trace said...

Boy oh boy Viv, you would have wanted to jump into a pool (and the dogs too!) after that. It's been so hot that I got the clippers and gave Milo a number one yesterday - he's too old to cope with this heat, and feels a lot better for his haircut (lucky he's not a showdog!!). Great photos too by the way.


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