Thursday, July 12, 2012

Now for something REALLY exciting……Bricks!!!!!

Hi again everyone! Hope your day( or night) is going well wherever you are.

Have you checked out the gorgeous new fairytale images available at MIC yet?    I saw the castles and the the dragon and thought it was time i had a play with colouring some brickwork, as so many of the background stamps have some brickwork in them. Sound boring? Well, it was quite a challenge for me as I like to finish things fast and this wasn’t ever going to be fast!

I concentrated on the bricks in this image for the purpose of practice.  Unfortunately the light in my room wasn’t brilliant so there is a yellowish tinge to parts of the image, please ignore this! I have used warm greys over the whole area though it doesn’t always look like it!

Starting with WO and W1, I laid down some colour , choosing to have my light source from the top left.

Next was some W2, and  W4, dotting the colour .

Here I came in with W6 and dotted the areas where I wanted most of my shading.

I then blended it back in a bit with W2

Some more W6 for shading

Now, laying down W2 and W4 in my shaded areas on the rest of the image.

Dotted in some W4 and W6

Now some heavier shading with W8 in the darker areas and blending in some more with W2.

The dragon I quickly coloured with greens, yellows and yellow greens (See image below) . The sky I dotted with B0000, B000, BV20 and B60.  There are some practice bricks to the right of the image that I played with before starting  the main image. By dotting the ink, it gives the effect of texture and this is also a useful technique for filling in large areas of background.

I hope you found something useful in this and hope to see you all racing off to colour some BRICKS now ! Yay! LOL!

MIC stamp used is Dragon Ruins Digi stamp


Unknown said...

Hi Viv, wow hun this is just up my alley, love this image and the way uou coloured it, wow hun just stunning! Heading over there right now! Hugs, Frea

Chrissy said...

I need some copics or something stronger than pencils...this is a fabulous tutorial and great colouring Viv..really does look like stone...fabulous.



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