Sunday, July 15, 2012


We've been to Hamilton and we're home again, absolutely knackered ! 

Day one was up at 5am, picked up at 6am-ish...Trace was late.... hehehehe. Picked up the other two and off we went. A day shopping at The Base, and Chartwell and this is what the car looked like!  Needless to say we got to the motel, had showers and put our jammies on and vegied after repacking the bags a bit. Day 2 was breakfast at a cafe, then SENZ!!!!!  Woohoo! Crafty shopping!  I was very restrained, buying only stuff I NEEDED!!!!   No flowers,and only 1 paperpad as I've vowed to use what I've got, which will probably last me forever anyway....LOL. And yes the car was jam packed on the way home.

 And look who we met at Chartwell...Sid & Scrat!  We made Marise pose with them so we could compare bellies (she is pregnant.....!!!) and I'm probably going to get in trouble for posting these pics! 


Trace said...

Now that's just a bit of shopping you ladies did! You might have only brought a few things at SENZ but I bet you made up for it at the BASE and Chartwell shopping centres lol.

Scrappy Doo said...

What's Hamilton? Is that a big city with lots of shopping?
Looks like you had a crafting shopping day.

Jacksonyoww said...

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