Friday, January 21, 2011

Canine ballet!

Yes, I know, I've been a slack blogger the last two weeks, work has been ruling my life. Anyway, that is almost over  and I'll be back to normal next week.

I have to share a photo or two of the boys Brodie & his best mate Solly playing. They have such a great life, I wanna be one of my dogs! LOL! Janie ( Solly's mum)  took these photos while they were romping in her backyard. This first one cracks me up, talk about synchronized! Its a new doggie dance!

 Ya put ya left paw in , ya put ya left paw out......

I gonna slobber all over you! 

What ya say? Didn't quite catch that!


Marlene said...

Doggy love!!! :)

Louise F NZ said...

I miss haing a doggy to love! Great pics Viv. My LOTV stamps didn't arrive untill yesterday, haven't had a chance to ink them up yet, hopefully Monday.

Annika said... I be your dog too? Please??? They look ridiculously happy!
No need for bubble wrap there - I think my fave is the second photo. Possibly one of the funniest doggie-faces I've ever seen!!

Anonymous said...

lol viv! I wanna be your dog. emagine to live down under, (duh, you dont have to) see ya! hugs!

Tracy said...

great photos. bet they were both knackered out by the end of their play date.

Zoe said...

VIV!! This is ONE of my absolute favourite cards you have made. I LOVE EVERYTHING. The scene you created is fabulous but your colouring on this is just incredible. Now your doggy photos!! Boy they look like the best of mates! hugs xxoo


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