Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not such a Man now.....

Brodie had the snip 2 weeks ago and his stitches out earlier this week. We had to keep the Elizabethan collar on him for a few days and the big dork acted like it wasn't even there. He ran around madly, crashing into everything, including me! Yes, I have the bruises to show for it . The vet said " Keep him quiet for 10 days" .  Yeh RIGHT!!!!!
  DH reckoned last week that Brodie had quietened down already...hahahahahahahahahahaha!   Personally, I think it'll take about 2 more years before he matures and settles down!
Here is a photo of him playing with his buddy Solomon a few weeks ago, and yes Brodie is the doofus on top, Solly  is grabbing his leg! They play constantly for at least an hour before needing a rest.

This  is Solly trying to take Brodie for a walk, he's not being very co-operative!
And this is the family waiting to see if any food might come their way! LOL! ( Riley taking a bow for you!)


Tracy said...

Does Gav know his picture is being featured??? The test will be when I bring the girls around to see if he has calmed down!

scrapaddict said...

Love that flying ear Brodie, Happy Birthday Viv, can't keep these things quiet you know!!!

Marlene said...

You've got some gorgeous pooches there!

Annika said...

When we had Mutt The Mad "done" years ago he obviously had to wear the collar too. We called it "the lampshade" at first. Then we graduated to "the helmet" since after initial annoyance he copped on he could now run headfirst through the hedge and not get any head injuries worth writing home about.
We seem to have related ones though, lol. I almost wish we could get those two bonkers boggies together!! :D

Annika said...

oh, btw, Mutt NEVER settled and calmed down, as mad now as he was back then, 5 years ago. mwahahahaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Viv. Its really neat to see 'my boy' in with Brodie's adventures.
And… Fantastic stamping! I haven't seen many examples of it before - Can see how addictive it could be. I've spent ages looking thru, & enjoying your cards.


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