Friday, October 9, 2009

Puppy Xmas

New releases this week at Doodle Palace include a fairy , frog etc but I obviously  couldn't go past the doggie xmas tree!  The paper I've used is from several years ago I think!  Dug it out of my pile of SU stuff.
 Afraid I haven't done much this week, what with work etc , and yesterday I mowed the  huge lawns at our dog training club with a push mower cos the ride-on mower wouldn't start !!!!!, then I helped Gav finish the laying the pavers out the front of our place and swept over pavelock sand . Its a wonder I can move today!


Trace said...

Aww how cute is he! But you know Viv, you could do a Riley Christmas card, I'm sure he'd sit nice and still with a hat on ROFLMAO!

Louise F NZ said...

Cute image Viv and I love the card, really adorable.

Linnie said...

oh this is soooo cute i looove it


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