Wednesday, October 28, 2009


 For those of you who have asked about the flowers, all I do ( read this on someone's blog I think, sorry, don't remember where!) is cut out some rough circles of  varying sizes from any synthetic fabric , I've used organza tulle. Then very carefully hold the edge CLOSE to a flame ( candle is great!) till it slightly melts and starts too curl. Not too close or they burn and boy do they stink! LOL! And don't drop them in the wax, its not a good look! Most mistakes you can trim off and redo. (Gee, aren't I clever, taking a photo and holding this at the same time?!!)
 When I've done a few, I pile em together and put a single stitch thru to hold them , or you could use a brad I spose.


Tracy said...

Arent you clever??. It would be a great thing to have some patience!!

Trace said...

Allrighty - a photo tutorial!! I so have to go shopping and give this a go, and might have to drop it in the wax for a shabby chic look lol!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the photo tutorial, i really love it. It was me who asked how to make the flowers, thank you.

greetings Margreet


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