Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tea Party

We had so much fun at the Tea shop in Botany Downs!  We all bought Japanese teapots and cups and various flavours of tea after sniffing them all( MMMMMmmmm Green rose!!!)  and were given lots of little samples by the lovely Sam ,  to take back to the motel and try. Yep, we had a tea party, and plan on another this weekend, to try the ones we didn't get to last weekend!  If you're ever in Botany Downs and like tea , head to T2 for a treat! 


Tracy said...

Ummmm tea. I have even converted hubby into drinking it without milk, although he thinks the cups arent big enough!

Trace said...

Awww Botany was my local shopping centre when I lived in Auckland...Did you guys end up finding a bead shop?


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