Friday, July 31, 2009

Missing in Action

My week is all turned upside down, the boss has gone to Fiji for a few days so I'm working (EEEEK) on my days off.  No cards have been made at all! My Crafty Tart challenge page has been finished and two Sooky Stackhouse books have been finished!LOL! 

 My furkids have got their daddy home this week, now he is back on shiftwork , they have him home alot more during the day... so we're all happy with that. Here is a pic of Riley taken the other day, ( yes we have had some sunshine, tho not enough!) with his Wilbur warthog that grunts when he's squeezed. He's toy mad, so I can't resist buying him all the cutest dog toys!

 PS  I made a mistake with the remotes the other day, didn't count the video one, so there are SEVEN in the lounge!  I know how to co-ordinate THREE of them now...!!!!!!!!


Tracy said...

Oh sucky!!! Buggar when you have to work! Yep I will call around in the weekend for second book to tide me over until Lous get here.

Candy Blakeslee, mom said...

This warthog is a great dog toy, it is cute too...we sell lots of them. However, if you have ever seen a Warthog in real life you would know it is an animal only a mother warthog would think is cute.

Trace said...

Hi Riley, you are looking as cute as ever!!


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