Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nothing to Show

Have been busy at a dog agility show all weekend and I'm exhausted and have made no cards for days ( Boo Hoo!) and I  have all the entries for our show in 3 weeks time to add to the spreadsheet, organise running orders, print number cards, design and print a catalogue...BLAH BLAH BLAH! I don't want this job again! Its stressful and very time consuming! And I always have problems with the catalogue!

  And Trace, Riley is being packaged up into a big envelope and being dropped in the mailbox to come to you tomorrow! He is in disgrace. He  had his first competition run today...well, should have been but he got in the ring , saw his favourite girl poodle over the other side and took off towards her. He did come back , only cos he knew I had yummy chicken for treats. He did the first jump then took off again! I won't waste my money entering him again for a while....little toad. I had a cuddle with Riley's 7 week old niece yesterday , and poor Vinnie's face fell when he saw me with her....No!!! Not another ginga! Don't do this to me! 

 Anyway, early night for me, got a big week at work too, how depressing! 


1 comment:

Trace said...

Oh dear, Riley, Riley, Riley...lucky he'll fit in my big RD postbox then! How frustrating for you Viv, so annoying when you put in so much work and effort and then they turn into little buggers (lovable) but little buggers all the same!


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