Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Award

Thanks to eveyone for the lovely comments on my last card, and its great to see there are a lot of people who love their pets like I do. They are so much fun when they try to help with projects(NOT!) , especially cats , as they like to play with everything then sit on your work! Have finished the crochet flowers for our class, they are now bagged up and OUT of REACH !LOL! 

I've been given the Lemonade award by Kimmi, which is to be given to people you feel show great attitude and gratitude.  Isn't that sweet? Thank you Kimmi.

  To pass it on,  I would like to give it to Tracy , Denise, Trace.. 


Trace said...

Awww thanks Viv and LOL I know I have attitude ROFL! And I'll keep my big letterbox in case ole Riley ends up in there lol!

scrapaddict said...

Oh,thanks Viv,this is a cute award, all I was reading was lemonade and sweet two of my most favourite things...then reread and read attiutude (which I have) and gratitude (which I have for lemonade and sweets)!


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