Sunday, February 3, 2013

A morning at the beach

We're having such glorious weather, it was time for an outing to the beach for the Brodsta and his friends.

Brodie decided to chase seagulls, Solly followed for a wee way then SENSIBLY turned back. Sir Dork however went backwards and forwards after the birdies that just kept flying away. Who would've guessed?

You think I should try again Mum? There's another birdie out there........


Trace said...

LOL, I gonna catch it, I gonna catch it....even if I have to swim to Aussie....:-)

Chrissy said...

Fabulous photos...wish my dog would go all the way in..the big


Ally said...

tee hee what a sight! Wonderful piccies! thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Alessandra

Scrappy Doo said...

Brodie looks great!!!
My emma did the same thing with ducks-- at "the River" in Arizona.

Love the photos, VIV!


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