Friday, October 26, 2012

Yum! Gingerbread!

Hi everyone!    Time for me to play with some goodies I've had for quite some time ( like a year or more)  and never quite got around to playing with....the Base chipboard house and the Gingerbread decoration kit. Zoe has done a wonderful job creating these chipboard 3D kits and I certainly wouldn't want to make one from scratch!  Eeek! Too much like hard work!

The directions are great too, I  found it so easy to follow, no chance of left over bits or things going wonky! LOL

First I put together the basic house and painted the whole thing with gesso. I use this in preference to acrylic paint as it gives good coverage and dries heaps faster and I'm impatient.  The roof additions from the Gingerbread house kit were painted the same way and then plastered with Aleene's Glitter snow , its gives a great textured effect.

The base of the house I painted with a bronze acrylic paint as it was all I had that was in the right shade.....I think it turned out to be quite a good choice in the end too! A lucky accident...hehehehe.

Once I had this together I added the  snowy bits (technical terms here people...) and some more glitter snow to the roof cos this is a snowy scene of course.  Now time to decorate.

I made a base our of card and covered it with paper, stuck the house on it and added the painted fence, some buttons for colour then printed and coloured a tree and some dancing gingerbread men. These are attached using some acetate, to make them stand.

 Now I'm thinking, where is the snow on the ground?!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmm........

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Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

viv this is incredible!!! i love the whole thing...what an amazing project :D

JLJ Designs said...

Fantastic project, Viv!


Doreen said...

What a fabulous creation, wow love

Chrissy said...

Fantastic Viv, what a fabulous project,love it.


Ally said...

hmmmm, I defenitely have to buy one too! Have seen many fabulous projects and yours is great too!
Hugs, Alessandra

Mary J said...

That is such a cool make, Viv! I gotta get me some of that glitter snow!

Chris H said...

Hi there Viv!
Your friend Tracy linked you blog in an e-mail to me tonight.
So I thought I'd pop over and say 'HI'.
I am the 'Grandma' of wee Molly who is coming down to live with Tracy and her family next Friday!

WE have much in common. I love my dogs and I am a bit 'crafty' too!
I sew and make cards.
Cards very unlike what Tracy makes... I sew fabric onto cards and go from there... nothing as 'professional' as what Tracy does.
I haven't had a chance to have a good look at your blog yet... I will later.
I'm thinking you probably make cards like Tracy. *smiles*

It's now almost midnight and I am off to bed... have a lovely weekend down in the 'naki'.


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