Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Too much food and wine....

Well, I guess its not Christmas unless you overindulge!   Got home last night and had salad and pasta .  But tonight there is more ham, salads, new potatoes....and trifle....and more chocolate.....sigh!!!!!

Vinnie came with us to Papamoa  to stay with  the BIL & SIL cos he won't be left behind (but we left Riley with a house full of poodles and Brodie with his best buddie Solly and family).  I almost died when I saw the 14 year old (middle) and 16 year old nieces (far left) ... they are both close to 6 feet tall and make my stepdaughter (far right holding her brother Vinnie!) look almost short ( she towers over me!) 

Nephew tuckered out after opening all his loot. 

 and naughty Hattie who got in trouble for chasing the cats!

Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and now its back to work for some of us, then New Year !!! Yipee! Well, actually it'll be a very quiet New Year for us, DH will be on call so no drinking for him therefore no parties!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Its always kinda strange seeing you guys celebrate xmas with shorts & T's while over here its huge thick chunky sweaters with equally cosy socks and a constant stream of violent storms/hurricaines for company.

My girls all tower over me too, im 5ft 2 & already my 10yr old is taking me over lol.

hugs )


Ally said...

the really cool thing is: u all wear shots and shirts :) while we are wrapped in stockings, thick socks, long underwear, jumpers and warm jackets :o)
Nice to read that u all had a wonderful time!
Hugs, Alessandra

Julie said...

Hi Viv,can't say merry Christmas now so it best be " compliments of the season"! Have a happy new
Year,even if it will be a quiet one.Thanks for giving us a sticky beak at your photos! Julie x

Scrappy Doo said...

Thank you for sharing your family photos> it looks like everyone is together and enjoying the time shared.

Hope you had a lovely christmas and NY.


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