Monday, November 8, 2010

Life is Great!!!!

OK, my mum has to be the bestest! Not only did she take that thing off my head cos she knew she could trust me not to lick my toe (" hahaha" evil doggie laugh!) but she took me for a playdate with my bestest buddy Solly on Saturday and we had FUN!!!!! Life is good, life is great, now I just gotta convince the cat that a game of chase would be hilarious!    Luv & licks, Brodie.


Marlene said...

Those dogs look like they're having entirely too much fun! Are you sure you didn't photoshop out the cat they were chasing?

Annika said...

Brodie, you made me smile all over my face!!! (I saw you licking that toe but I won't telly your Mum, paw on heart!!)

Tammi said...

Too fun, thanks for the smile!!


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