Friday, May 14, 2010

Free to a good home!

Brodie aka Brodus the Destroyer has really been pushing his luck the last few days. The other day he dug a hole in the back lawn. Then he ate my jandal. Then he ate a roll of plastic rubbish bags. Then he ate a pad of post-it notes. Then he ate a cushion.
First thing this morning he leapt on the bed and smacked me in the eyeball with his humongous-dinner-plate-size paw. I have a paw print embedded on my retina and I'm sure the eyeball itself is bruised...if that's possible!!!!!!

 Oh, but ya gotta love him, with a face like that!  Oh yeah, he ate the poodle's bed that he's lying on there too!


cheryl said...

he he hun oh hope your eye is okay but you have to love him as you say hun look at his cute face he is so adorable hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Sharon said...

He sounds like Marley! hehehe Ahhh, sure you love him tooo bits!

Ruthie said...

But sooooo cute!


Trace said...

Hmmm sounds like his taste in expensive toys is growing...ROFL!

Marlene said...

Oh dear. I hope he doesn't start eating the furniture next...LOL. Sorry about your eye!

Louise F NZ said...

Hope your eye is feeling better today. If you get totally over it, he could come to Aunty Lou's for a holiday on the farm.... no guarantees you will get him back though. Who could resist that

Annika said...

hahahaaaa....let's switch! I'll give you Mutt The Mad for a while and you lend me your Mr Mischief. We cal exchange our experiences later! lol

Annika said...

Hah, you don't know what you'd be taking on with Mutt The Mad! lol He BARKS. a lot. He has NO recall outdoors! He can sit, lay down, roll over, bark, even CRAWL on command but NO bloody recall, however much we have tried to train him! He thinks every person coming o the door is an ax murderer and therefore should be assassinated before he/she can do any harm. The list goes on and on! lol
But he's still my fur baby!


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