Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

Went to the movies last night with some friends from cool!!!! Always been on team Edward but Jacob was pretty hot when he took his shirt off.........not enough to make me shift teams tho !
 Luckily we went to the 6pm session as the Show Parade was on and the theatre wasn't overflowing, but when we got out, the next lot was waiting to go in in there were people everywhere! Marise was buried in that pile somewhere!


Tammi said...

Woohoo! I heard he was shirtless for like 30+ minutes of the movie. :) I hope we see plenty of Edward though! And Eclipse comes out the end of June! So not to long to wait. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Hugs

Louise F NZ said...

Ohhh, lucky you. I have tickets booked in Palmy next week, I can't wait.


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