Sunday, October 27, 2013

What a poser!

This years National Dog Agility Champs (NZDAC) are being held this weekend at Bulls which is just down the road ( an hour and a half away) and our club is running one of the rings so I couldn't pass up the chance to take Riley for his first taste of a BIG show, (but just one day for us, I don't think I'd cope with 4 days!!!!)  Up at 5am yesterday, snuck out of the house with Riley tucked under my arm , and off we went.
 Ran in Starters, got disqualified. Not a bad run but stuffed up the weaves.  Ran in Novice, and was much happier with our run, we went clear! Yay! Ran Jumpers C , another nice run by the little ginga, another clear!  And we both had FUN!  And I didn't trip myself up, even better! LOL 

 Got the surprise of my life when I went over to HQ to check the provisional results and found he was second in Jumpers and 3rd in Novice!!! Then at prizegiving got another surprise when he was awarded 2nd in Novice as well...serve me right for not checking the final results! 

So, 2 second place ribbons, some prize money to spend, and a very tired poo in the car on the way home...and a huge fireworks display in Hawera when we arrived home just after 9pm. I'm sure Riley thought they were for him. LOL.

  Proud wee Poo this morning, posing for his mama 

 So maybe I should get my A into G and travel to some more shows...he's obviously ready for it!


Unknown said...

Awesome!! Well done Riley. Its soo much fun taking animals to shows, my boys showed their calves for years, really taught them a lot

Trace said...

Fantastic Viv. All the hard work paying off, and yep, noting worse than tripping over in the ring!


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