Thursday, April 11, 2013

Very Bad Blogger

Yep, it's been a few months of no real blogging and what is my excuse?  Dog shows, holidays, playing with photo name it, it has kept me out of my craft room! 
On our holiday to Hawkes Bay I picked a pile of old negatives and slides and have been busy playing with them. Here are a few digitised images just to bore you

 Me and my beautiful big sister

 All the cuzzies at the beach , and our beach transport! (me with the gollie!)

My fabulous pool.... :(

And a real at about 14 years old with my big brother in his BODYSHIRT! Woohoooooo!!! Remember them?


Tracy said...

Geez what a cute kid!!! I can really see "you" in the last picture with your brother

Janette said...

OMG what a gorgeous family, the Baby picture is the cutest....thanks for sharing such super memories....oh, I do remember those

Trace said...

What an awesome bunch of photos - I bet there were lots of laughs and a few tears shed, going through them all.


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