Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time for some FLY!

Had a great time on Sunday helping out at the Flygility tournament our club held on Sunday, down in Wanganui .  I was official photographer and managed to get quite a few very cool shots. Its a crazy sport and the dogs LOVE it! They run a course of obstacles ( jumps, tunnels etc)  hit the box at the end that releases the tennis ball, catch the ball and race back over the obstacles to the start/finish line. And what makes it more exciting is that they seem to know they are racing another dog in the lane beside them  and  can get quite hyped up, while the owner is shouting at them to GOOOOOO!!!!

                Nie doing her seal impression, go little girl!

Toonie on the turn...even little dogs can go fast!

Shaylar hoofing it out of the tunnel

Ted E about to inhale the ball!

My lot don't do this however....Vinnie has no teeth to catch a ball, Riley WON'T catch a ball in case Brodie tries to take it off him, and Brodie....well Brodie has started fly training, but hasn't yet progressed past the       " Cheat and miss most of the jumps , steal the ball and run away" stage...hehehehe.....


Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Too cute!!! Love the shots...perfect timing! :)

Crafteezee said...

Looks fab. Love the photos.
Hugs Tracy x

Chrissy said...

Awesome photos Viv, my dog wont chase a ball, if you throw it, he just looks at you and I think he is syaing "You threw it, you go get it"


Chris said...

Fantastic action photos! Those dogs are having a ball!!!!

Scrappy Doo said...

these are Fabulous shots. They are wonderful action shots. So impressed and the dog-s how wonderful
Although I love what you said about your crew-- LOL!!!
Brodie! too funny! the personalities they all have.

I can see why you're the official photographer though.


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