Saturday, January 8, 2011

Toys! I love them!

OMG I have a new toy and I'm having so much fun!  Its a digital negative scanner and I have hundreds of negatives of my fathers , taken in the  sixties, some of which have never been printed except onto a proof sheet. Ok, they are getting a bit damaged after all this time but I thought it was time to do something permanent and save what I could. This little wee scanner converts the negatives to digital photos! Check these out!

 My eldest brother Brian

 Mum & Dad ( love the shorts)

Alec & I at the Wairoa river

I have a zillion more to work through now......!!!!


Tracy said...

Oh wow, how cool! So I guess I wont be seeing you for the next month!!, between that and your dog show coming up! Busy Lady. Hope you still manage to fit the odd card in. ;-)

Anne said...

oh this looks a great little piece of kit Viv.
I'll need to go check this one out as my hubby is a keen photographer and has loads of negatives laying around too.
Anne x

Trace said...

Oh wow Viv, that is awesome. My Dad got this done a few years ago through some professional photographers that do it, however we didn't have that many slides. Your so lucky to have a heap of slides to get photos from. Have fun with this new 'toy'.

Marlene said...

What a COOL toy! Have fun with it! I know I would! Oh wait - you're already having fun!! :)

Janette said...

WOW So brilliant, I have bucket loads of negs; never even heard of this toy before,sounds like alot of fun though.xx

Unknown said...

Wow! What a great idea! Love the pics...I love old photos. You look so cute wrapped up in that tartan blanket.
Alicia xx

Louise F NZ said...

very cool, love the pics and as Trace said guess we aren't going to be seeing much crafty goodness for a while.

Tracy Valure said...

awesome...they came out really great too. What brand of scanner did you get? I have been looking at them myself for sometime now.
Tracy V


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