Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back at last!

Have been away for a few days, catching up with my family on the East coast. We had a great weekend, a nice surprise barbecue tea and breakfast for mum. We started turning up one by one at mum's place, she had no idea what we had planned . When I got there she said, " What are you doing here? What a coincidence, Kathy is here and Den & Berni! " I very vaguely said I'd just decided to come for a drive ( SIX hour drive that is!) LOL! Wasn't till the next lot arrived that she figured out what was going on!
  Anyway ,  new releases this week at Doodle Palace are a cute doggie and xmas stocking and a sweet lion. Bet you can't guess what I used....hmmm.... !   I had to throw this together in a hurry to get it in , in time.


Tammi said...

Oh what a sweet surprise for your mum that you all showed up, I love when all my boys are here! :) Oh gosh that image is so sweet, cute cute!! ~Hugs

Tracy said...

Yeah your back!!!! You card reminds me of a patchwork card??


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