Friday, February 13, 2009

Carrot Express

Had a play with some colouring in yesterday, this rabbit is a cutie and as I have to wait for my sugar nellie stamps I might just have to play with some more high hopes stamps ( the ones I got in trouble for ordering....well you know what its like late at night, cruising stamp sites and you just gotta have those ones, no time to CONSULT everyone else in case they want any !!!!! GEEEZ!)
I DID consult Tracy about the sugar nellies and dont tell her husband but she went crazy!  Now Denise will chew my ear off I guess...just can't wait any longer...gotta have them now! They're so cute.
  Were sposed to be going over to Hawkes Bay for my brothers wedding this weekend. Unfortunately we cant leave Bruno, its too hot for him to travel, I wont go on my own...if this rain keeps up I may have to do some housework then hit the stamps...and I can feel a poodle page coming on....

1 comment:

Tracy said...

I finally found the bunny image I have stamped off.. you have inspired me to do a card with him..... Be stalking the postman next week!!!


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